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Posted on: May 12, 2009 9:05 am

Daniel Hood vs. Second Chances

I've read this story multiple times.  And I still can't believe that people are so up in arms about his scholarship to Tennessee.  I'm very disappointed in how everyone is so against this kid getting a "2nd chance".  First and foremost, he repaid his debt to society as ruled upon by the judge.  If you have a problem with his sentence, then your beef should be with the judge, not Hood.  That being said, once he served his sentence, he should be allowed to live his life as well as he can.

I read the article by Dodd about the Director as some random Sexuall Assault Center that happens to be Knoxville.  I understand why he consulted this woman, but I can't really understand how why he thinks she should've been consulted.  I was actually quite appalled at what she was saying... I hope it was just bad editing.  I agree with her statement that the victim will have to live with this event for the rest of her life.  But, for her to imply that Hood doesn't have to live with this for the rest of his life is crazy.  The fact that we are talking about this and articles are being written about him is proof that he'll live with it just as much.  He will always have to answer those questions and be scrutinized.  Just because he doesn't have to live with this as the victim, doesn't mean he won't live with this experience. 

So to ask him to give up his scholarship is grossly inappropriate.  He earned that scholarship by cleaning up his life and taking advantage of the 2nd chance he had.  The argument that his athletic scholarship would be better served for someone who couldn't afford college and hadn't been convicted of rape is laughable.  That person wouldn't be getting a Football Scholarship; they would possibly be getting an academic scholarship.  Keeping in mind that a 3.8 GPA at a Catholic high school would most likely have earned him an academic scholarship anyways, he would be taking that away scholarship away from this "more-deserving" student.  And he wouldn't have to detail his past for anyone if he only applied for the academic scholarship... the Dean of Admissions doesn't to do criminal background checks very often.

The victim has forgiven him; realizing that if she holds on to a hatred for her cousin, that only prevents her from moving on with his life.  I'm sure that nobody forced her to write that letter the university.  She obviously understands the premise of forgiveness; and her life will be better for it.  I think that everyone should take from her example.
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